Research in Brief

The research-in-brief (RIB) program was first introduced to the PCIT convention at the 2019 Convention in Chicago. The RIB acts as a summative paper which fully informs the reader regarding the knowledge and research on a specific topic. It uses a base of evidence to argue for particular solutions, recommendations, or set of actions to address an identified problem within the field. It may, but does not necessarily, include original research; rather the purpose is to create a concise summary of available literature for consumption by stakeholders and practitioners who otherwise may not have access to academic resources.

Thus, the RIB final product is a short paper (5 pages of content; 1 page of references) providing an abstract, problem statement, background, solution, and conclusion. The intended outcome is to create a document that the PCIT community may use to inform their agencies, communities, administrators, and other stakeholders about research on PCIT most relevant to their work (e.g., timeout, use in trauma populations, PCIT compared to other therapies, barriers to treatment/engagement/attrition, etc.).

The RIB paper will be presented similar to a poster session, in which the papers are shared with convention participants and presenter(s) are available to a circulating audience for brief, informal discussions.

Virtual RIB:

The virtual platform being used will be Socio. Full instructions on how to access the platform will be sent to presenters by 8/21. RIB’s should be in PDF format. 

Presenters will be placed in a virtual room, and attendees will be able to navigate between the virtual rooms to learn about your RIB. We recommend having your PDF easily accessible on your computer so that you can share the file with participants.

Please send the conference coordinator, Gianna Gamache, a copy of your RIB in PDF format at to post online for participants to download for up to 2 weeks after the conference.