Change to Virtual

Registration Fees

Attendees who registered for any in-person registration rates will automatically have their registration converted to a virtual registration and will receive a partial refund of the difference in fees.

Virtual registration fees can be viewed at

We hope that you will join us for the virtual convention, as we are planning some great changes, but if you registered for the in-person convention and do not wish to participate in the virtual program, please email us, and we will issue a full refund.

If you were already registered for the virtual portion of the conference, not much will change for you! We will be shifting virtual platforms for all attendees, but your registration will remain unchanged.

Flight Resources

We understand that some of you may have already booked travel, and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this causes. With the constant changes taking place around the pandemic, airlines are frequently changing their policies. We recommend checking with your airline directly, but have also linked a helpful resource below that may be a guide in adjusting your travel plans.

Virtual Format

One of the highlights of the PCIT Convention is being able to interact with fellow attendees and network with other PCIT-ers. While we are pivoting to fully virtual, we are now sourcing Virtual Platforms in an effort to really maintain a similar level of interaction.

We will be shifting away from Zoom to be able to better manage the large number of participants attending our convention virtually. Rest assured that our priorities remain interaction amongst attendees and ease of access for users! We are confident that these changes will prove to provide an even better virtual experience!

For Presenters

If you are presenting, please rest assured that this transition will not be complicated! All presentations will now be virtual, but we do not plan to make any changes to the agenda format. Your presentation time and length will remain the same!

Once our virtual platform vendor is finalized, presenters will be sent detailed instructions on how to present within the platform. One of our priorities is to make presenting easy for you and your group.

We understand that this is a change you may not have been planning for. We do hope that you will still present virtually, but understand any individuals who wish to withdraw their presentations. If you choose to withdraw your presentation, please email the conference coordinator ( as soon as possible.

Hotel Information 

Those that have made reservations at the hotel within our block should have already received a notice of cancellation from the JW Marriott. (Subject: “Grande Lakes Orlando Reservation Cancellation”).

Please note that if for any reason you still plan to travel to Orlando, you will need to find new accommodations if your reservation was in the block at the JW Marriott. No reservations were maintained in the block. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Questions & Comments

We appreciate your understanding and patience as we make this change. We are making every effort to smoothly pivot to a fully virtual event for the safety of our attendees. While this was not what any of us were hoping for, we are still motivated and excited to provide a fun and quality virtual experience for our attendees!

 We understand that this shift creates lots of change, and may spur comments or additional questions that may have not been addressed. We encourage you to email us with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have! You can reach the Planning Committee by submitting a question on our Comments & Questions Page.

 Updates will be posted to our website, and attendees and presenters will be emailed directly with any major updates, changes, or new information and guidance.