A Note from our Planning Committee

PCIT 2021

Dear PCIT Community,

While this past year has brought many challenges, we are hopeful for 2021 and eagerly looking forward to hosting you at the 2021 PCIT International Biennial Convention in Orlando, Florida. Now a hybrid event, the 2021 convention will offer live and virtual participation options. We understand that the pandemic has changed how many of us participate in large events like conferences, as well as our ability to travel. With positive news beginning regarding vaccines, we are encouraged that those who attend in person will be able to do so safely and enjoy all the benefits of being together with proper precautions in place. However, there is also the recognition that travel may still be challenging, particularly for international participants. So, we are planning a full program that includes live, virtual, and hybrid events.

Another exciting aspect of this year’s PCIT convention is that all stakeholders are invited! In the past, PCIT conventions primarily have hosted PCIT therapists and trainers. We would like to extend the invitation this year to others interested in PCIT, including administrators, teachers, autism specialists, caseworkers, parents and others. The program will denote which presentations (live, virtual, or hybrid) are intended for practitioners or other audiences, but, of course, all are welcome. We are very interested in submissions for programs from and for our broader PCIT community.

Lastly, it is no secret that our world has changed dramatically since we all gathered for the 2019 PCIT Convention in Chicago. The COVID pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement have altered the ways in which we do things, and will continue to do so for some time. Our convention theme of “From Roots to Fruits” highlights the relationship between the origins of PCIT and the variety of applications that have been established or are being developed to address the challenges that families in PCIT (and our broader community) face today. We are very interested in topics related to racial diversity, inclusion, and equity, as well as coping with the COVID-19 pandemic. We welcome a wide variety of submissions related to these themes, including research presentations, poster presentations, clinical skills mini-workshops, discussion groups, or solution-focused panels. Presenters can be anyone from the broader PCIT community including practitioners, trainers, teachers, administrators, family members, academics, and other PCIT’ers.

We are always grateful for this amazing community, and we look forward to seeing you (virtually or in person) at the 2021 PCIT International Biennial Convention!


The PCIT Convention Planning Committee